12 Foods Causing Bad Breath

Foods Causing Bad Breath. Gargling, flossing and brushing your teeth are good ways to keep your mouth healthy, clean and free from bad breath. But even though you’ve tried your best, you’ve definitely experienced bad breath.

Bad breath is a very annoying thing, even quite embarrassing and can make you anxious. Therefore, you need to recognize the various types of foods causing bad breath.

Without realizing it, the food we eat everyday can also contribute greatly to bad breath.

Here are 12 foods causing bad breath

1. Red Meat

Red meat is a food that causes bad breath because it contains high protein, why?

Apparently, when you eat protein in large quantities, the body will produce ammonia and break it down during the digestive process. Ammonia is what comes out through the mouth and causes bad breath.

Then, meat fibers trapped between the teeth can rot and release sulfur compound gases that can trigger bad breath.

2. Dairy

Milk contains amino acids, which are then formed into sulfur compounds by bacteria in the mouth. It is predictable that at some time afterward, your mouth will feel smellier.

Milk is also a source of protein, so when digested in the body it will produce substances that can cause bad breath.

3. Eggs

This food is quite often chosen as a food menu at all times because it is practical and easy to make.

However, consuming too many eggs can be detrimental. Because in addition to triggering bad breath, egg yolks are also high in cholesterol.

4. Garlic and Onion

Onions and garlic are known as a food that causes bad breath, especially when eaten raw. Shallots or garlic both contain high levels of sulfur compounds that will give off a pungent odor, even after brushing your teeth.

Even so, the content of these two foods is very good for the body. Therefore, it is recommended that you adjust your daily onion consumption pattern and don’t forget to maintain oral hygiene to avoid bad breath.

5. Coffee


Coffee and other drinks that contain caffeine can cause bad breath. This can happen because coffee can make your mouth dry and trigger the bacteria that causes bad breath to continue to grow.

To avoid this, make sure you drink lots of mineral water after drinking coffee so that your mouth doesn’t dry out and avoids the buildup of bacteria in your mouth.

6. Spicy Food

As with onions, foods such as curry or spicy curry can trigger bad breath. Because, spicy food also contains some high acid and sulfur compounds.

These compounds tend to stay in the stomach for a long time when you consume them, so the smell will be released through the mouth.

7. Junk Food

Junk Food

Junk food or fast food has a bad effect on your health, one of which is food that causes bad breath.

A study published in the Journal of Natural Science, Biology, and Medicine found that the oil produced by fast food can increase stomach acid, which is a major contributor to bad breath.

8. Tomato

Tomatoes are one type of acidic food. As is well known, bacteria are very fond of and easy to breed in acidic and low-pH environments.

Not only tomatoes, other foods such as lemons and oranges also have the potential to cause bad breath.

9. Tuna

Tuna, especially those packaged in cans, will undergo an oxidation process and produce an acid compound called trimethylamine. This compound is what makes tuna a food that causes bad breath.

10. Cheese

Cheese is one of the foods that cause bad breath. Like milk, cheese is also rich in amino acids. When reacting with bacteria in the mouth, both will produce excess hydrogen sulfide compounds and trigger bad breath.

11. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is also a high source of protein. Their sticky consistency makes it difficult for saliva to break down proteins once they are in the mouth.

This allows the peanut butter to stay in the mouth for quite some time. Bacteria thrive on protein, so the abundance provided by peanut butter makes it a major cause of bad breath.

12. Low-carb foods

When you don’t eat enough carbohydrates, your body burns fat and protein for fuel. This process is called ketosis.

Unfortunately, the process of ketosis can cause bad breath. Reducing your daily protein dose and increasing your carbohydrate intake can solve this problem.

Now, you already know the types of foods causing bad breath. In addition, there are other things that cause this condition, such as lack of oral hygiene, problems with teeth, dry mouth, to certain diseases.

So, it does not mean that the above foods should be avoided and should not be consumed at all because foods such as onions, eggs, fish, and milk also contain important nutrients that the body needs.

To avoid bad breath caused by food, make sure you are diligent in brushing your teeth and maintaining regular oral hygiene.