Figs Benefits For Health, Skin, Hair and Side Effects

Figs Benefits

This article discusses figs, including their nutrition, benefits, and side effects of eating figs. Figs are a one-of-a-kind fruit that resembles a teardrop. They’re about the size of your thumb, contain hundreds of tiny seeds, and have a purple or green peel that’s edible. The fruit’s flesh is pink and has a mild, sweet flavor. … Read more

Burro Banana Health Benefits

Burro Banana Health Benefits

Burro bananas have many health benefits like other types of bananas. Burro bananas are considered superior to regular bananas since they are thought to be the original banana. Because it is short and stubby, the burro banana is named after the Spanish word ‘burro,’ which means donkey. Because it is stubbier and more square in … Read more

Salak “Snake” Fruit Benefits and Side Effects

Salak Snake Fruit Benefits and Side Effects

Salak is actually the name of a type of palm tree that is native to areas of Indonesia and parts of the South Pacific. These trees are cultivated for their fruits, which are found clustered near the base of the tree, and have a unique red, scaly exterior, which earns it the nickname snake fruit. … Read more